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Beware: Brood alert.

It's funny, how out of nowhere, you remember the things you miss the most.

You get out of bed, get dressed, walk downstairs, get a cup of coffee, and then out of nowhere it hits you. Even if you haven't thought about this certain thing for about over two years? Maybe one. It had sliced through me out of nowhere. The memories. I stood in front of Cordy's desk, with my cup of coffee, and I was just lost. Lost in certain things. It's funny how I miss him. He was one of my best friends. One of the best and true ones I ever had in my life... well un-dead life. Sure at times he annoyed me...

That was in the beginning. I grew accustomed to seeing him in the morning. Hearing him whine about the visions. Him then whining about needing something to drink. I enjoyed him interrupting my brooding sessions, to try and get me to not brood.

It's funny how you get used to something, it goes away.

It goes away. And usually in the worst sort of ways.

Cordy is looking at me weird now.

I hate how things come back to haunt you. Make you want to just hide. Maybe I should just hide myself in my room and brood all day. But I can't. I have work. People to save. Maybe no one will notice my little nostalagic moment. Probably.

*looks at icon* kind of nice, isn't it?
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