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angel_mbb's Journal

I'm about 300 something years old, have a soul and currently live in LA, in this old hotel that used to be haunted by a paranoia demon. Of course, it's gone now. The hotel is very nice. Mhmm.

Oh, moving on.

As Cordelia puts it: "I save souls nightly" and as a very good friend of mine, who is no longer around said: "possibly mine in the process". I'm trying to get ammends by putting my services out and saving defenseless people or whatnot in LA.

I run a business... "Angel Investigations" with my friends: Cordelia, Wesley, Gunn and Fred. Yeah, not a lot of friends, but what did you expect? People don't really go for that whole "vampire" thing. People are weird. Especially human beings (even though I hope to be one, one of these days, that is once I get "ammends"). No offense to the humans that like me.

Used to be deeply in love with Buffy. Didn't quite work out. I mean, when you're a vampire, have a soul, can't go in the daylight and give the girl what she needs, it doesn't really looks like it would work. But that's okay. Moved on. Slayers and vampires really don't work out. That is a lesson you should all write down: "Vampire and vampires slayers equal big no no."

Currently back with Spike. Boy, that's a long story. You really don't have the time to listen to it. It's a really complicated story.

Hmm, that's it.